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The High Heel Sandal by Zara is great! It is so feminine and girlie.  The heel is approximately 4 inches, with no platform, suede material and leather detailing. The heel and material definitely makes this a comfortable sandal that has a great deal of flexibility. It has a slight vintage look and the colors are neutral enough to pair with a variety of looks. The High Heel Sandal looks really great on the foot and allows your spring pedicures to pop on through. The High Heel Sandal is the perfect addition for the spring/summer seasons.

Fabulous sandal with lots of styling potential and options.

Style Points
The High Heel Sandal would look great paired with a “fitted” pencil skirt, body conscious dresses, skinny jeans and trouser shorts.

Price & Availability
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Additional Photos

Side I



Heel Detail



Back_Long II

Top_Long I


Zara (Fall/Winter 2012) Shoe Haul

We have a ZARA shoe haul y’all!!!!

Recently, Zara had their annual Fall/Winter clothing, shoes and accessories sale. I managed to grab some amazing deals while shopping their online store. So, for those that don’t know, I am a heel, platform, stiletto wearing woman. I only own one pair of sneakers, a few pairs of flats but everything else is at least 4 inches or higher. I adore Zara’s court shoes. So I grabbed 2 pairs of court shoes and yes, 2 pairs of adorable flats. I mean, there is no way a true fashionista could pass up on these beauties…lol.

Anyhoo, I am, as always, very pleased with my purchases. Each shoe was well made, well designed and fit great. I had no problems with the details or structure of each shoe and will definitely be adding more and more shoes from Zara to my collection.  SN: Another shoe haul featuring more from Zara and Shoemint will be coming soon.

So, lets take a look at the shoes…

Velvet Fantasy Ballerina (35.90/19.00 sale price)…REALLY! 🙂
Black Velvet and Cobalt Blue Flat (pairs perfectly with dark rinse skinny jeans)

Velvet Flats I

cobalt velvet collage

Flower Print Ballerina Flat (35.90/15.00 sale price)…WHAT!! 🙂
Pink and Cream Floral Flat (perfect for spring; pair with skirts and ankle length trousers)

Floral Flat II

floral flats collage

Combined Platform Court Shoe ($69.90/$19.00 sale price)…Unbelievable deal! 🙂
Medium Toned Nude w/Black Platform Base (makes legs look fabulous; great neutral pump)

Combined Court Shoe III

Combined court shoe collage

Diamante Platform Court Shoe ($79.90/19.99 sale price)…YASSS!!! 🙂
Black and Clear Rhinestone Embellished Shoe (stunning evening pump; makes legs look perfect)

Diamante II

diamante collage

Coming Soon: Zara Shoe Haul

Howdy Folks,

I recently scored some fabulous shoes from my favorite store – ZARA. They are currently have their end-of-season sale and I was able to grab several fabulous and simply stunning shoes at unbelievable prices. Due to their end-of-season and holiday sales the shipping and delivery has been slower than usual. I have only received half of the items purchased and I prefer to wait and do one huge review.

However, because I got these shoes at super great prices I decided to give you guys a sneak peek. I would hate for the items to saleout before other had a chance to snag them! Happy Shopping!!

Take a look at what’s coming up in my haul review after the jump 🙂


Style File: Zara High Heeled Court Shoe

The Zara High Heeled Court Shoe

I love this shoe from the Zara TRF Fall 2012 Collection. It is definitely on point with the fashionable color-blocking trend. Giving me multiple styling options and an outlet from the typical black pump.  The High Heeled Court Shoe has a basic silhouttee…rounded toe, stiletto with an ankle strap. The red and black is accented by a metallic rose-gold ankle strap and trimming down the back for an extra kick.

The shoe is very comfortable and sturdy. While I am no stranger to sky-high heels, I still like to feel secure and comfortable while wearing them. There is no platform, so those with low or flat arches may find some discomfort after long periods of wear. The best part about these shoes is the price! I recently posted that these shoes were on sale for $25! I snagged me a pair and didnt look back. These are a steal!!!

Check often for surprise deals and price-breaks on their wonderful items. 

Photos are up next…enjoy!



It’s a Shoe Haul Yall!

I love, love, love to shop at Zara!!! I visit their website almost every single day. Their clothing, shoes and accessories are always on trend, artfully designed and wonderfully crafted. I definitely feel like I am getting my money’s worth whenever I purchase an item from their TRF or Woman’s clothing line. Unfortunately, if you live in the Atlanta are there are only two store locations (Perimeter – my favorite & Lenox Square). However, all items purchased online are shipped for free and can be returned/exchanged in store.

Let’s jump on over and see what goodies I snagged!


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