A short list of common and frequently asked questions:

1. How often will you update/post to your blog?

I anticipate posting something ~ commentary, photos, information ~ at least 3 times a week.

2. Who operates your blog?

I am the sole operator of Brown Girl Certified Blog.

3. Are you a makeup artist or professional stylist?

No, this is simply a hobby/interest of mine. I am basically sharing my personal style with others as a means of inspiration; sharing ideas.

4. What are your measurements, clothing size?

LOL! I am 5’4″ @ 140lbs. I do not know my specific measurements but I am very petite with a muscular tone. Like everyone I have flaws and trouble areas. I just know how to dress for my body type. I typically wear a 6 (S/M) in most clothing items. Hope this helps.

5. Where do you hope to go on your “Journey”?

I am not going anywhere. Not physically anyway. I am a seeker of knowledge. Information is out there, why not learn about it. Through the process of learning you grow. You become more aware…you hear differently, see differently, comprehend differently…and ultimately love differently….unconditionally. This is where I want to be. Nothing more…nothing less. 🙂


Hi Folks!

Just to let you know I am not a professional makeup artist or stylist. Brown Girl Certified Blog is an outlet for me to share my personal favorites, ideas and opinions on a variety of topics. In regards to product reviews, all items have been purchased by me. All opinions are based on my personal experiences/thoughts and should be taken as such. Reviews and commentary are not influenced by any second or third-party source.

Photos are the property of Brown Girl Certified Blog and are not available for sharing or distribution without written consent.

Thank you!


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