DIY Project ~ Studded & Distressed Denim Shorts

Hello Folks!

I just completed my very first DIY fashion trend – Studded Distress Denim Shorts! It was such a fun and easy project. I have listed instructions on how you can make your very own pair. Photos are provided to give you an idea of the before and after turnout!

See more after the jump 🙂

Denim Jeans/Capris
Sharp Scissors




Cutting >>>

1. Grab a pair of jeans and determine the desire length of your shorts

2. Use tape or a pen/pencil to mark the cutoff point

3. Cut the jeans, don’t worry about being perfect J

4. Try on the shorts to ensure the proper length has been achieved

DIY_1 after 2


1. Going for a shredded look; this helps camouflage any unevenness in the hem line

2. Shred the edges by taking the scissors or box cutter/razor and dragging the sharp edge against the fabric….the shredding will be more apparent after they have been machine washed

3. Continue until you have achieved your desired look


1. Determine placement of the studs

2. Push studs through fabric; ensuring that the prongs have punctured the fabric

3. Secure the prongs by pushing down the edges with a pair of scissors or knife

 Throw the shorts in the washer. This will help with the shredding process and will work out any loose or unsecure studs. Any studs that are lost can be replaced/reattached.

Before & After >>>

 DIY _before



Pic_Accessories I


Pic_Profile I

Simple, chic and sooo inexpensive!

Have fun!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kittehluvs
    May 21, 2013 @ 16:43:15

    those are awesome!


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