Guest Blogger Review ~ Pro Airbrush FX Hydrating Primer (Victoria’s Secret)

Hello Everyone,

Today we have a Guest Blog Review on the  Pro Airbrush FX Hydrating Primer from Victoria’s Secret.

Thank you Ebony for sharing your thoughts on this beauty product!

VS Pro


I decided to take a chance in trying out a new product. It seemed after touching and feeling panties for 30 minutes, I was in a “Vicky Secret” euphoric bliss.

I opted to purchase the hydrating primer due to having sensitive, dry skin with an occasional pimple “pop-up and show out” attitude. I tried the product for a week to prime my face before adding my concealer and foundation (base).

I found this to be a basic primer that makes foundation and face products last all day. This primer didn’t reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles ( which to be honest, I don’t have so oh well) or make pores appear smaller. But it did give a read good base for my makeup application. There was an airbrush look,  kinds sorta, which gave a slight smooth and airbrush appeal. It made my skin soft and smooth, not oily, which I did like. Greet base, providing a great foundation for coverage. It was lightweight but my skin left very hydrated. I noticed that after applying makeup at 7 am, around 4pm it was still lasting.  It think the biggest thing for me was it did exactly what the package said it would so, my skin was hydrated.

I would say it is worth the $18 so go ahead and get it and add four pairs of panties for $24 to your bill!

~Ebony C. S.



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