Ben Nye Translucent Face Powders (Topaz & Neutral Set)

ben nye

Product Review – Ben Nye Translucent Face Powders

Topaz Translucent Face Powder
Topaz is a finely milled, smooth textured powder used to set concealer and foundation while controlling oily skin. Topaz has an orange undertone and is most commonly used as a highlight for under the eye. Another shade, Banana, is very popular and used for the same highlighting effect. However, if your skin tone is deep to deep dark, Banana just might be too chalky. Topaz would definitely work for those in this shade range. However, there are several darker powders to try if Topaz doesn’t fit the bill.

The typical application of the Ben Nye face powder is with a wedge cosmetic sponge. After applying and blending in your under eye concealer apply a small amount of powder to the tip of the wedge sponge and press into the under eye area. Allow the powder to set and then swipe away the excess powder with a clean powder or blush brush. Follow-up by applying an overall face powder; this will ensure that the highlight powder is blended and doesn’t give the wrong effect or appear chalky.

I am not an everyday, in your face highlight girl. I wear a very natural, neutral makeup look. However, Topaz works for me because it doesn’t give me an over-the-top look. It gives you that easy, glow from within look that works for everyday.

Translucent Set Colorless Face Powder
Translucent Neutral Set is a great powder to set your foundation. It is a finely milled, colorless powder that absorbs oil and mattifies the skin. It is a not cakey and feels very light on the skin. A very small amount to the face should give the desired effect. Too much of the powder can leave a white cast on all skin tones, particularly darker/deeper complexions.

After applying foundation/concealer, take a powder puff and press a small amount of the powder to sections of the face. Take care not to smear or disturb your foundation application. Make certain that the powder is pressed into the skin and then sweep entire face with a fluffy brush to smooth out and remove excess product.

The powder is available in a variety of sizes and is available in jars and shaker bottles. I purchased the 3.0 oz shaker bottle for about $12 each (excludes shipping). You get a LOT of product that will probably last FOREVER! Some complain that the shaker style bottle makes the product messy to use. Perhaps, but I don’t see much of a problem with it. I basically use the cap to hold the powder during application.  Ben Nye products are designed for stage and theatrical makeup. Products can be purchased online or at your local costume/theatrics store.

Overall Grade – A

Product Photos/Swatches
ben nye 2

Topaz (left), Neutral Set (right)….without Flash

ben nye 3

With Flash…

ben nye swatch 1

Blended Powders (flash)

ben nye4


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