MAC Blushes: Raizin, Dollymix & Her Blooming Cheek Review

Today’s blog post features three MAC Blushes from my personal collection:

Raizin, Dollymix & Her Blooming Cheek


(L-R) MAC Blooming Her Cheek, MAC Raizin, MAC Dollymix

MAC Raizin is a brown matte blush with red undertones. A highly pigmented blush that is perfect for daily wear. Provides a natural flushed cheek that is great for all complexions but is a must have for those of deep to dark skin tones. Raizin was my first blush purchase. It is a great starter blush for women of color who are new to makeup or for those who prefer a natural/neutral toned shade. GRADE: A

MAC Raizin

MAC Raizin

MAC Dollymix is a bright pink sheertone shimmer blush. An intimidating pink blush in the pan but Dollymix has a sheer, shimmery application. It is buildable, which is great for all skin tones. Gives cheeks a nice sheen and glow instead of a shocking, over the top pink finish.  GRADE: B +

MAC Dollymix

MAC Dollymix

MAC Blooming Her Cheek is a bold fuchsia pink satin blush. An extremely pigmented blush that should be applied with a light hand or a stippling blush brush for controlled color build-up. Has no shimmer but provides a subtle sheen which prevents it from being flat or completely matte. A great color option for medium-dark skin tones and works perfectly on lighter skin tones with careful application. GRADE: A

NOTE: Limited Edition

MAC Blooming Her Cheek

MAC Blooming Her Cheek

Price/Availability –

$17 pan/$20 pot
MAC Cosmetics stores, online, major department stores


Flash 2

(T-B) Dollymix, Her Blooming Cheek, Raizin

No Flash 1

(L-R) Raizin, Her Blooming Cheek, Dollymix (no flash)


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